Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)

The Rebel™ SRL line is built to last providing an economical fall protection
solution without compromising performance or safety!

Options Available

Part NumberLength (m)Depth (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)Housing TypeCable Material
359052061225575,3 Plastic Galvanised 
359053061225576,7 Aluminium Galvanised 
3590521101225575,6 Plastic Galvanised 
3590531101225577,0 Aluminium Galvanised 
3590522101225575,6 Plastic Stainless Steel 
3590532101225577,0 Aluminium Stainless Steel 
3590570151228617,5 Plastic Galvanised 
3590580151228619,1 Aluminium Galvanised 
3590571151228617,5 Plastic Stainless Steel 
3590581151228619,1 Aluminium Stainless Steel 
35906102014336510,0 Plastic Galvanised 
35906202014336512,4 Aluminium Galvanised 
35906112014336510,0 Plastic Stainless Steel 
35906212014336512,4 Aluminium Stainless Steel 
35906502514336513,0 Plastic Galvanised 
35906602514336515,4 Aluminium Galvanised 
35906512514336513,0 Plastic Stainless Steel 
35906612514336515,4 Aluminium Stainless Steel 
35906903014336513,4 Plastic Galvanised 
35907003014336515,8 Aluminium Galvanised 
35906913014336513,4 Plastic Stainless Steel 
35907013014336515,8 Aluminium Stainless Steel