Mobile Confined Space Training Unit


FTT Training and Britannia Safety have a mobile confined space simulator to conduct employee training at various locations.

This simulator allows candidatess to receive hands on training with all of the equipment commonly used in a confined space entry. The enclosed trailer has a guard railed deck on top with a manhole installed in the roof which allows employees to be lowered into the “confined space” for entry.

Once inside the unit a variety of drills and scenarios can be played out.  The unit is equipped with an internal smoke generator that adds atmosphere to the scenarios and also plays an important role in ventilation training.

“I personaly feel thatt he importance of effective ventilation both before and during a confined space entry is often overlooked on many training programs,  our entry simulator allows for effective demonstration of positive and negative ventilation using a variety of equipment and techniques.” said Colin Lee of FTT Training.

The simulator has also recently been fitted with an Advanced Hoist System from DBI-SALA,  this device has been configure to provide davit access to the top of the unit.  The dvait system has also permittd the simulation of an evacuation from the top of the simulator by a rescue team with a casualty.

For information about the unit please call James on 08454 303 300 or email